Brought to you by a self-host fan. Currently hosting Redlib, Nitter, Voyager, LibreY, Rimgo and Breezewiki.


No information is being stored at my server. All the services listed above are just frontends, meaning the information is stored at the service provider (Twitter and Reddit for example). All the configuration and preference changes you make at these frontends are saved LOCALLY at YOUR computer. They are stored at YOUR browser cookies.

You can learn more about this at each of the services git pages.

Voyager https://github.com/aeharding/voyager
Redlib https://github.com/redlib-org/redlib
Nitter https://github.com/zedeus/nitter
LibreY https://github.com/Ahwxorg/LibreY
Rimgo https://codeberg.org/video-prize-ranch/rimgo
BreezeWiki https://gitdab.com/cadence/breezewiki

I also don't store and don't have enabled any access logs. Only error logs are enabled for debugging purposes.


You can contact me at admin [at] nohost [dot] network.